Parish Life

A Note of Thanks

Dear Trinity Family,

The Outdoor Sanctuary Committee would like to thank the folks who generously volunteered their time to fill the water bags surrounding the newer trees at the Outdoor Sanctuary.

This year, special thanks goes out to: Joe Fluet, Jim Gemmer, Ellen & Sydney Hall, Becky & Jim Hoecker, Sandy Diday, Bob Appenzeller, the Moore family, Brett & Sabine Bibb, and Holly & Chuck Bimba. Thanks, also, to Tommy Breeden for keeping the grounds mowed and “weed-whacked,” and to the Vestry and Parish Life Committee for hosting summer picnics. No thank you list would be complete without acknowledging Betsy Crenshaw who reminds us of our promises and our good intentions in such a wonderful way.

The Knapps and The Gibbens