The Trinity Healing Ministry was founded in 2011 and our mission is to listen, love, and pray for all those who come seeking the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

We Provide Several Types of Prayer Ministry:

We provide several types of prayer ministry:

1. Intercessory Prayer is prayer for others. Our intercessory prayer group meets weekly to pray for the parish prayer list, the anonymous prayer cards submitted by the congregation and others we know to be in need of prayer.

2. Healing Prayer is praying for those who are sick or in need of healing by bringing them into the healing presence of Christ so that they can be healed and reconciled to God. We pray using Jesus Christ as our model. However, healing prayer ministers do not heal, God does the healing. Our job is to listen, love and pray with those in need, to be God’s hands in the world and to be a conduit for His healing power.

Healing may be sought for disease and injury, physical or emotional pain, memories or loss, generational issues, depression, anger, despair or any other physical, emotional or spiritual problem. Scripture reminds us that our time on earth is finite and that we all will die. Thus, 'healed' is not synonymous with 'cured'. When a healing does occur, it may or may not include a physical cure.

Healing prayer is offered in several ways:

  • Altar Ministry – healing prayer is offered in the small chapel following communion at the 10:30 a.m. service every Sunday and at the 8:00 a.m. service once a month.

  • Healing prayer may be requested at home or in the hospital for those in need.

3. Healing Prayer Conferences are held periodically, bringing in nationally known healing leaders to conduct healing teaching events for the parish and the community.

Prayer Ministers are trained in a rigorous program consisting of a 10 week study of the healing ministry of Jesus and an 8 week study of the principles and practice of healing from the Christian Healing Ministry. New classes are held annually.

We continually receive many reports of ordinary and miraculous healing events in the lives of people we pray for and with, so God is clearly with us.

If you are in need of healing prayer or more information on the Healing Ministry, please contact Ginny Fluet at 540-869-0858 or vfluet@verizon.net