S.O.M.E. Updates for October

For our final 2019 SOME on November 14 and 15, it is our goal to continue to serve our regular meal of baked crusted haddock with tartar sauce, rice casserole, `fresh coleslaw, cornbread, green beans, chocolate cake with whipped cream and milk. We may add applesauce, depending on the cost.

Our food provider, Schenck in Winchester, VA continues to offer us the best wholesale prices on our goods as costs have risen considerably over the last several months.


We found our parishioners were no longer contributing enough brownies and cookies to sufficiently feed our guests and made the switch to sheet cakes earlier this year. Though a messy proposition, it is well received by SOME diners, as well as the staff. We were known as the only food provider serving fish and now we hold the distinction of being the only one that serves chocolate cake with whipped cream.

For a long time, Gina Hammond was singlehandedly supplying us with our sweets and Gar Royer was baking fresh bread. But we gave them a well-deserved break and are trying to stay consistent by plating identical portions so there is no haggling in the serving line. Gina came up with the idea of purchasing dessert cups to hold the cake and whipped cream so it can be assembled in advance and dropped onto the plate for easier consumption.

Currently, Ellen Hall has stepped up graciously and sends in load of take-out snacks that are distributed for parting guests. We have tried fresh fruit in the past and found the quality in-consistent and the cost very expensive. SOME does not serve dinner and discourages guests from wrapping up their lunch and taking it out so we like to have something portable for them to grab on their way out the door should hunger arise later.

That said, if you have an orchard and want to send in a bushel of apples, we will take them to SOME. Just let us know in advance so we can prepare room in the van. If you would like to buy an item in bulk, or put together some sandwiches or make a special, non-perishable dish, we more than welcome and encourage your contribution. However we ask that you pre-package in snack size plastic bags for take out purposes or leave in the Cox Hall kitchen in advance so we may do the same.

We thank you for your generous support of this ministry and hope to carry forward for our 33rd year in 2020.