Season of Giving

By the Stewardship Committee

There is a rhythm to nature, as there is to the life of the church.

In nature, at this time of year, the earth yields up the harvest. For thousands of years, good people have set aside a portion of God’s bounty, as they were taught: “A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord.” (Leviticus 23:30)

In the life of the church, at this time of year, we, too, are called to set aside a portion of what God has given us.

Stewardship is a neverending year-round journey, but autumn is traditionally regarded as stewardship season – that time in the life of Trinity Church when we plan for next year.

Stewardship is what we do, with all that we have, after we say, “I believe.”

Stewardship – and, at this time of year, pledging our financial support – is the foundation on which our entire Church life is built: our worship, our outreach, our music ministry, our children’s programs, the care and maintenance of our grounds and buildings.

Stewardship and pledging is not so much about giving away part of our possessions as it has to do with accept-ing the responsibility for possessions that have been entrusted to us by God.

We are not the owners. All the resources we are given – our time, our abilities, our possessions – are entrusted to us by God. We have been given these resources by a giving God who, in turn, calls us to manage them wisely and with love for others. We are stewards of God’s grace, not masters of God’s riches.

So it’s easy to describe stewardship but not so easy to practice stewardship.

We’re not going to ask you to pledge … yet.

We do ask that you think and reflect and pray about it in the weeks to come. We do ask that you consider carefully the materials we will send you.

And when the time comes, we will ask that you open your heart and your mind and, yes, your purse.

Because there’s more to be done – lots more.

In every aspect of our church life together – our youth programs, outreach, fundraising, buildings and grounds, and our other ministries – there’s lots more to be done.

With God’s help, we can, and will, meet this challenge.

Key Stewardship Dates

October 20
Stewardship Report at Annual Meeting

November 10
Commitment Sunday when pledges are collected