Music Notes December 2018

This Christmas is the 200th anniversary of “Silent Night”. Here is a brief history accord-ing the great source of all wisdom, Wikipedia.

The song was first performed on Christmas Eve 1818 at St Nicholas parish church in Oberndorf, a village in the Austrian Empire on the Salzach river in present-day Austria. A young priest, Father Joseph Mohr, had come to Oberndorf the year before. He had written the lyrics of the song "Stille Nacht" in 1816 at Mariapfarr, the hometown of his father in the Salzburg Lungau region, where Joseph had worked as a co-adjutor.

The melody was composed by Franz Xaver Gruber, schoolmaster and organist in the nearby vil-lage of Arnsdorf. Before Christmas Eve, Mohr brought the words to Gruber and asked him to compose a melody and guitar accompaniment for the Christmas Eve mass. It is unknown what inspired Mohr to write the lyrics, or what prompted him to create a new carol.

According to Gruber, Karl Mauracher, an organ builder who serviced the instrument at the Obendorf church, was enamoured with the song, and took the composition home with him to the Zillertal. From there, two travelling families of folk singers, the Strassers and the Rainers, included the tune in their shows. The Rainers were already singing it around Christmas 1819, and once performed it for an audience that included Franz I of Austria and Alexander I of Russia, as well as making the first performance of the song in the U.S., in New York City in 1839. By the 1840s the song was well known in Lower Saxony and was reported to be a favourite of Frederick William IV of Prussia. During this period, the melody changed slightly to become the version that is commonly played today.

Over the years, because the original manuscript had been lost, Mohr's name was forgotten and although Gruber was known to be the composer, many people assumed the melody was com-posed by a famous composer, and it was variously attributed to Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven. However, a manuscript was discovered in 1995 in Mohr's handwriting and dated by researchers as c..1820. It states that Mohr wrote the words in 1816 when he was assigned to a pilgrim church in Mariapfarr, Austria, and shows that the music was composed by Gruber in 1818. This is the earliest manuscript that exists and the only one in Mohr's handwriting.

As we do every year, we will sing some version of Silent Night at each of our Christmas Eve Services. However, at the 11:00 service we will sing it with guitar accompaniment just as it was written 200 years ago. We may even throw in a verse in German.

Christmas at Trinity


Christmas Eve Services 

4:00 pm Family Service 
Featuring the Children’s Christmas Pageant and celebration of the Holy Eucharist. 

8:00 pm Festival Service 
With the full Trinity Choir, soloists, and strings and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. 

11:00 pm Candlelight Service 
A more quiet and contemplative liturgy, a cappella music, and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. 

Christmas Day Service 
10:30 am Celebration of the Holy Eucharist 

The Church Office will be closed from Noon on Dec 21 and reopen on Jan 2. 

Important Upcoming Dates 

December 2: Advent Wreath Making after 10:30 Service 

December 5&6: Christmas Auction Set up 

December 7: Christmas Auction Shop & Bid 5-7pm 

December 9: Christmas Auction after 10:30 Service 

December 14: Musica Viva 7:30pm 

December 15: Men’s Breakfast - 8am - Men’s Bible Study - 9am 

December 16: Lessons and Carols - 4pm 

December 17: Vestry Meeting - 6:30pm 

December 22: Pageant Rehearsal - 9am 

December 22: Flower Guild Decorates - 10am 

December 24: Services at 4pm, 8pm, 11pm 

December 25: Service at 10:30am 

December 30: Services 8am & 10:30 Baptism(s) 

Sighting of Nicholas Bishop of Myra




Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, was a Bishop who lived in the fourth century in a place called Myra in Asia Minor (now called Turkey).

St. Nicholas was a Christian bishop who helped the needy. After his death, the legend of his gift-giving grew.

St. Nicholas transformed into the legendary character called Santa Claus, who brings Christmas presents to children around the world.

Christmas at Trinity

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Christmas Eve Services

8:00am Fourth Advent Service
Typical Sunday worship service with celebration of the Holy Eucharist

4:00 pm Family Service
Featuring the Children’s Christmas Pageant and celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

8:00 pm Festival Service
with the full Trinity Choir, soloists, strings, and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

11:00 pm Candlelight Service
a more quiet and contemplative liturgy, a cappella music, and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

Christmas Day Service

10:30 am Celebration of the Holy Eucharist

The Flower Guild will decorate for Christmas on Friday, December 22, at 10am. If you would like to participate, please bring holly and greens for arrangements!

Important Upcoming Dates

December 8: “Traditions of Advent” 6p
December 15: Musica Viva Concert 7p
December 16: Men’s Breakfast 8a | Mammovan 9:30a
December 17: Lessons and Carols 4p
December 18: Vestry Meeting 6:30p | Last day to donate to Toys for Tots (in Cox Hall)
December 19: Advent Evening Prayer 6p
December 20: Correlli Concertino 7:30p
December 23: Pageant Rehearsal 9a
December 24: Services at 8a, 4p, 8p, 11p
December 25: Service at 10:30a
January 6: Dinner 6p | Epiphany Service 7p

Church Office Closed Dec. 22 (@ noon) - Jan. 1

Christmas Auction 2017


December 1
Preview Night Shopping

December 3
12 Noon
Shopping and Live Auction

You are invited to do your Christmas shopping with us!

In order for the Christmas Auction to be a success, we will need everyone’s participation. We need you to bring treasured items, any time between now and November 22, to be sold at the Auction on December 1 and 3. You may bring them directly to Betsy or to the Stable Tour office, or you may call Ellen Hall or Nicky Perry and we can arrange to have the items picked up.

The lovely items that you do donate will be sold at the Preview Party on December 1 and again on December 3, between services. It is only after the 10:30 service that the Live Auction of special gifts will take place.

Please remember that the Christmas Auction is a fundraiser and not a bargain sale. We ask that you be as generous as you possibly can be, both in terms of the treasures you donate and the gifts you decide to purchase. Again, the success of this event depends on you and we trust that the results will celebrate your generosity.

KAIROS at Christmas: The Gift of Forgiveness

This fall KAIROS weekend (October 7-9) took a different direction for our team and the women of Fluvanna Correctional Center at Troy, VA. Instead of our usual preparation (which includes your wonder cookies!), our leader felt that God had called her and each of us to explore the very important topic of forgiveness.

As you may know, God’s unconditional love and forgiveness are at the heart of the KAIROS Prison Ministry. And within prison walls, unforgiveness runs rampant; however, unforgiving spirits lurk far beyond the confines of a prison. They can affect each of us in our daily existence, robbing us of experiencing God’s love and peace for ourselves and for those with whom we share our lives.

The topic for our retreat was, “Forgiven People Forgive.” In a series of shared personal talks and discussions, several things became clear.

  • Forgiveness is a choice we make out of obedience to God. Matthew 6:14-15 tells us : For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you; but if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
  • The world tells us to get even, to revenge; but as followers of Christ, we are to become God’s mirror. God desires His forgiven people to be those who forgive.
  • We forgive for ourselves. When we withhold forgiveness, we hold ourselves hostage to something or someone else. This act causes anger and bitterness. This spills over into our lives and only hurts us.
  • Forgiveness is a process. We may forgive others, situations, or ourselves, but to forget is difficult. Forgiveness doesn’t erase the past, but it gives us a chance for a better future. We must surrender the issue to God, lay it in his hands, keep our focus and trust in Him, for He as promised to deal with our hurts in His time and on our behalf.

For me, personally, forgiveness is a gift – a gift given to each of us by the grace of God through the shed blood of His precious Son at Calvary. That act of true love and true forgiveness was one for which we will always be grateful.

As we approach this holy season of Advent, may we focus on the most valuable Christmas gift of all – the love, forgiveness, and freedom granted to us by our Lord through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Yours faithfully, Cheri Martin

Christmas Pageant

This year our annual Christmas Children’s Pageant will be presented by our children on Christmas Eve. The 4:00 PM Christmas Eve Worship service will include the pageant, as well as the traditional Holy Eucharist.

Any children who are interested in participating in the pageant are invited to contact Rachel Rickenbaker in the church office. There will be a rehearsal for ALL PARTICIPANTS on Friday, December 23 from 10:00AM until noon. Costumes will be distributed at the rehearsal. If you are unable to attend the rehearsal, please be sure to contact Rachel so she knows that you plan to participate.

Parents, we can use your help for the pageant as well. Please contact Rachel.

Congregation, join us for a wonderful celebration of Christ’s birth as we support our children this Christmas Eve!

Christmas at Trinity


4:00 pm Family Service | Featuring the Children’s Christmas Pageant, and celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

8:00 pm Festival Service | With the full Trinity Choir, soloists, strings, and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

11:00 pm Candlelight Service | A more quiet and contemplative liturgy, a cappella music, and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.



10:30 am Celebration of the Christ Child | Celebration of the Holy Eucharist



10:30 am Ushering in the New Year | Celebration of the Holy Eucharist



Friday, January 6   |   6:30 PM Dinner   |   7:30 PM Worship

Holiday Office Hours

Please note the following church office hours during the holiday season:

  • December 23 - Church Office Closes at Noon
  • December 26 & 27 - Church Office Closed
  • December 28 & 29 - Church Office Open
  • December 30 - Church Office Closes at Noon
  • January 2 - Church Office Closed

Christmas Auction

Begins Friday, December 2 in Cox Hall

  • Friday, 6:00 to 9:00 PM.—PREVIEW PARTY with Live Auction!
  • Saturday, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM —Silent Auction bidding continues!
  • Sunday, 12:00 Noon — Final Live Auction and Silent Auction conclusion!

This year’s auction offers an array of “one of a kind” and “once in a lifetime” items! The auction will begin with online bidding of truly unique experiences. Visit the auction website and start your bidding today at: Then, attend the Preview Party on Friday, December 2 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. A few select items will be auctioned off at the preview party this year. Gourmet food, drink and beautiful music! Come early and bid often! Bidding will continue through Sunday, December 4, when we will close the silent auction bidding at 1:00 PM and begin the LIVE auction.

Visit and check out some of the amazing options and start your bidding today!!!