Baptismal Font Restoration Begins

Thanks to the generosity of a number of parishioners with a special interest in the restoration of the historic baptismal font, the full amount of the cost of restoration ($25,000) has been raised. The font will be taken to Rugo Stone after a baptism on September 8 and hopefully returned in time for the next baptism on November 3.

The restoration will include the addition of wheels under an improved base so that the font can be safely moved from the side of the church to the center aisle for baptisms.

The font, likely made in the early 20th century, was given in memory of three members of the Dulany family all named John Peyton. They lived between 1788 and 1904. Some of their descendants are still parishioners.

We are grateful that it will be possible to continue the long tradition of generations of parishioners being baptized in this font.

Baptismal Font.png