Vestry Candidate Forum

Annual Meeting.png


All Trinity parishioners are urged to attend the Forum between services this Sunday morning, OCTOBER 6, in Cox Hall.  Please come to hear the individuals who have volunteered to serve the Church and the Lord by standing for election to the Vestry.  You will be free to ask questions or chat informally with the candidates who are offering to represent the Members of the Church in financial and other matters.   Four of these candidates will constitute the “Class of 2022” and will be instrumental in keeping Trinity strong and engaged as it moves through the transition to a new Rector.   

Vestry elections will be held outside Cox Hall (or inside if the weather is poor) starting at 9:00 a.m. on October 20, before our one service, and continue until 11 a.m.  The Annual Meeting will commence immediately after the service.   Members must vote in person at that time.