S.O.M.E. in May

A steady rainfall did not deter our guests from gathering for their fish at our SOME outreach service in May. About 400 were served and for one of the first times in recent memory, we actually ran out of rice casserole. It was a popular item, along with all of our homemade goodies. Fortunately, we had an abundance of fish.  

The van was full and included among the dining room volunteers: Ken Knapp, our oven master; Jim Gemmer, the jack of all trades, John MacDonnell, the casserole prep man; Bob Appenzeller; the green bean chief and primary seasoner; newcomer Paul Edmundson who assisted on the serving line as well as in the kitchen. Also on the line and directing the baked goods department were: Gina Hammond, Mary MacDonnell, Ann MacLeod, Maggie New and another first-timer, Wendy Glorioso. Robin Keys served as the driver to and from D.C.  

We had an early crowd of prep workers in the Cox Hall kitchen the previous day to include our Rector Rob Banse, Harriet Condon, Joan Eliot, Ellen Hall, Richard Taylor, Ann MacLeod and Robin Keys.  

Our July SOME mission will be held Thursday, July 19, when we cook, and Friday, July 20, when we serve. Our summer efforts present a great opportunity for youth involvement. Participants must be at least 16-years old and are reminded to wear closed toe shoes and a hat. Please contact Ann MacLeod for further information.