New Pews for the Outdoor Chapel

If a tree fell in the forest, could it become a new pew for the Outdoor Sanctuary?  

The answer is YES!  An Osage Orange tree fell in the back yard of Gulick House (the old Rectory) during one of Upperville’s countless wind storms.  

Thanks to Fred Briggs, owner of Belle Grey Farm and recent Stable Tour host, this fallen tree is on its way to providing new pews for the Outdoor Chapel.   Fred brought his enormous portable sawmill to the back yard of the Rectory, and shaped the fallen tree into rough boards suitable for benches.  Over the winter, Eric Westergard fashioned the boards into smooth pews.  Then, following even more storms, new pew bench supports were uniformly cut by Fred Briggs to hold the new pews in place. This process continues throughout the summer.  

Thank you, Fred Briggs!  You are a true friend of the Trinity Outdoor Chapel! 

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 2.07.29 PM.png