S.O.M.E. Report

We are pleased to report that over 450 guests were served at our November S.O.M.E., our greatest number in 2017! Many thanks are in order to our cooks: Bob and Joan Eliot, Ellen Hall, Stephanie Knapp, Ann Macleod, Richard Taylor, Deon Bezaquet and Claude Prozinski, and Robin Keys.

Thanks are also in order for our servers (pictured from left to right): Louisa Barker, Len Shapiro, Ken Knapp, Ann MacLeod, John MacDonnell, Jim Gemmer, David Augenblick, John Barker (not pictured: Maggie New and Robin Keys).

As we enter our 31st year we have seen the ebb and flow of volunteer participation with this program. We respectfully request that you take a look at your 2018 calendar and make a note of the dates that interest you. There will soon be a sign up sheet in Cox Hall to facilitate. Get on board early to secure your place at the table to either cook or travel to DC. It will be an experience you will not forget. Contact Ann MacLeod at 592-3313 or Robin Keys at 592- 3310 for more information.

2018 S.O.M.E. Dates

January 18 and 19
March 15 and 16
May 17 and 18
July 19 and 20
September 20 and 21
November 15 and 16