Big Things for Sunday School

Big things are happening at Sunday School and we need your help!

The Christian Education of our children is one of the most important ministries in our church and for those of us who are parents of school age children. We are seeking your support and involvement to make our programs as successful and enjoyable as possible. We are looking for people interested to serve on the Christian Education Committee. We will meet monthly to discuss our programs and events and how best to meet the needs of our community. Please contact Kevin Fox (847) 971-4986, or the Church Office if you’re interested in learning more.

On December 17th at 9:30 we will be meeting in the Choir room in the basement of Cox Hall to discuss our Youth programs (grades 7-12). We would love to see parents, parishioners, young people in grades 7-12, and any of our recent members home from college to share breakfast and ideas on how to build on the recent success of our youth programs. We want to start 2018 running with activities and opportunities to help our youth grow in their faith and fellowship!

Please consider joining in and rallying others to participate in this important aspect in the life of our church and our families.