Emphasis on Seasons

Dear People of Trinity Church,

One of the great features of the church calendar is the emphasis on seasons which complement key days. The season of Lent builds toward Easter just as the season of Advent leads to Christmas. The seasons were developed less to serve the needs of the church and more to serve the needs of the people. For this reason, Lent is not so much a means of maintaining discipline among church members by insisting on “prayer, fasting, and self-denial,” in the words of the Book of Common Prayer. On the contrary, Lent is a seasonal chance for people, through “prayer, fasting, and self-denial,” to gather ourselves together both in community and individually. The purpose is to collect ourselves that we might find the center of life. We engage in activities that help us reflect on the daily responsibilities that consume our time, energy, and resources. The Gospel passages from Luke help. Each Sunday Jesus engages the people he encounters in refining how they live and what truly matters.

Among what matters at Trinity Church is the role children play in our congregation. Thanks to volunteers, we are able to offer Sunday school for ten Sundays beginning with the First Sunday in Lent, March 10. The program, from 9:30-10:15 will be in three groupings: Nursery, Pre-K through 2nd grade, and 3rd through 5th grades. More specific details will be available weekly in the eGenesis. In the meantime, I hope you will encourage any children in your families or among friends to come.

Finally, the process for seeking a new Rector matters. With the Discernment Committee now formed, we commission them this Sunday with prayers for them and for the parish at both services. The Committee is task oriented, but its success will ultimately base its grounding in prayer. Please join us this Sunday as our prayers for this process begins.

I look forward to Lent with you.

The Reverend Edward O. Miller, Jr.