From The Interim Rector

Dear People of Trinity Church,

Someone asked me recently how the size of Trinity Church compared to the size of other churches I have served. As I thought later about the question, I realized that I have always thought more about possibilities than sizes. Each church has been different in many respects – size, type of location, demographics, age, and history. Two have been named Trinity. In the short time I have been Interim Rector, possibilities have already emerged, and your energy to explore possibilities is striking. I have heard of your interest in expanding visual arts in addition to the artistic beauty of the buildings and music. There is renewed interest in ministries for and among children and youth as well as adults. There is conversation about more outreach engagement. During this interim period, we will explore possibilities as we can while the search for a new Rector helps us discern the possibilities that are most important.

While it is important to develop programs and discern the qualities of a new Rector it is even more crucial to be attentive to God’s many ways of envisioning possibilities. Always ahead of the people by leading in the “pillar of cloud by day and fire by night” and always beside the people with Jesus calming those in the boat in a storm or encouraging them to put down their nets deeper, God’s active engagement never lets the status quo immobilize those who yearned for greater purpose. As the season of Epiphany continues, I hope we will continue to give thanks to God for bringing us this far and for staying ahead of us in a future filled with possibilities for discipleship and ministry.

To help us with the discernment process for possibilities for the future with a new rector, we welcome the Reverend Dr. Mary Thorpe, Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Virginia, on Sunday, February 10. She will be at both services to preach and will lead a discussion about the discernment process at a Forum between the services.

The Reverend Edward O. Miller, Jr.