Stewardship Updates Summer 2019

This year’s 60th anniversary Hunt Country Stable Tour is a vivid demonstration of Stewardship. In fact, it could be called the “Hunt Country Stewardship Tour”, since it opens to the public privately-owned Hunt Country farms and other properties lovingly maintained by owners committed to protecting and enhancing the beauty of their land, buildings and animals. Of course, these owners have been blessed with resources that enable them to accomplish this stewardship. But, through the Stable Tour, they share their blessings with others in the community. The end result will be more resources for the beneficiaries of Trinity’s outreach programs.

The effort required for this stewardship is considerable. Just counting parishioners involved in greeting and directing visitors at the 12 properties on this year’s Tour, more than 60 people will have dedicated all or part of their weekend to assist this effort. And there are many others working “behind the scenes”, who will have contributed many hours prior to and during the Tour, to prepare for and carry out the event.

We sometimes forget that “stewardship” involves more than just money. While the Stable Tour requires financial support to organize and operate, that support comes from parishioners and others who specifically designate their contributions as being for the Stable Tour. Ticket and merchandise sales provide additional support. The event is, therefore, self-sustaining; it does not utilize contributions made to fulfill pledges or to support the church itself.

We are grateful for this support. Thank you to the parishioners, property-owners and managers, and others, who have contributed to making this year’s Tour a great stewardship success.