S.O.M.E. Updates for April

We had a most successful visit to SOME in March and are already looking ahead to our May 17, 2019 trip to DC. We will cook the day before, Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Participants are reminded to please contact Ann MacLeod if you wish to join us in any capacity at 540-592-3313. We have 8 spots for cooks and 10 seats on the van for servers.


The Outreach Committee and the SOME team are ever grateful for all of your support.. We are switching tactics a bit and invite the congregation to participate in another way. Our guests appreciate consistency, therefore we will attempt to stick with a single dessert of chocolate cake and whipped cream and a corn bread side dish, all secured from our food service provider. We intend to stick with our popular meal, voted the best by SOME staff, battered fish with tartar sauce, rice casserole, green beans, coleslaw, milk and the aforementioned cake and corn bread.

We welcome your contributions and encourage you to donate pre-packaged, take-away treats, such as fruit snacks, “Little Debbie” pastries, protein bars, breakfast bars, individual bags of nut mix - anything that comes apportioned and ready to hand out.

As you are probably aware, SOME serves 365 breakfast and lunches daily, however there is no dinner, which is why we like to give something to our guests to take with them to tide them over until their next meal. We will be providing small baggies and intend to wrap up any bulk items individually. This being said, if someone wants to donate 300 apples, we will get them into DC and have them ready for carry out. Rest assured, your food will be served and will be adored. We receive so many, many compliments at every visit.

Thank you again for all your efforts and prayers.