S.O.M.E. News Jan 2018

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January SOME Cooks
Kit Hemion, Ann MacLeod, Ellen Hall, Bob Eliot, Richard Taylor, Jolly deGive, Stephanie Knapp, Edie Smart, Nicky Perry 

January SOME Serves
Robin Keys, Lenny Schapiro, Jolly deGive, Gina Hammond, Ken Knapp, Margaret New 

An experienced crew of SOME cooks made the trip to Washington DC in January under mild weather conditions, successfully preparing lunch for about 350 guests at 71 O Street, NW. 

We entered a darkened facility fearing that the electricity was not operating only to learn that a new television system had just been installed in the din-ing room for viewing special programming. A movie was being previewed for some of the remaining breakfast patrons. The system will be put to the test on cold and hot days when venturing out on the street and into the elements poses a challenge, allowing diners to linger. 

Ken Knapp again manned the ovens and cooked eight cases of breaded Pol-lock to a delectable finish. Len Shapiro was at the bean stand. Ann MacLeod not only helped hand out plates but she assisted in preparing the rice casse-role for the ovens too. Jolly de Give, Gina Hammond and Margaret New worked along the serving line to place each sweet and savory item in a serv-ing cup. Robin Keys also assisted with the efforts. 

This was our first outreach effort of our 31st year of this ministry at SOME and as Ann commented, most of the long time staff and diners are well fa-miliar with our bountiful, well executed meal. They also recognize our faces if not our names and have gener-ally learned where Upperville, VA is located. Ann’s hat emblazoned with the words, “Upperville Mall” gener-ates much interest. 

Harriet Condon prepared a large tray of outstanding cornbread and many other parishioners contributed brownies, cookies, pastries and cakes. We are grateful for the generous support of our congrega-tion. 

Cooking in Cox Hall the previous day were: Ann MacLeod, Kit Hemi-on, Bob Eliot,, Ellen Hall, Richard Taylor, Jolly deGive, Stephanie Knapp, Edie Smart and Nicky Per-ry. We finished early thanks to Bob’s crack of dawn appearance. 

In March, we will be cooking in Cox Hall on Thursday, the 15th at 7:30am and serving on Friday, March 16, departing at 8:30am. Please consider joining us. Contact Ann MacLeod for more information at 592-3313 or use the sign-up sheet on the Cox Hall bulletin board to assure your spot.