An Instructed Eucharist

The words, “The Holy Eucharist,” may sound strange to someone who has never experienced it. But what about those of us who engage in it regularly, even weekly --- do we fully understand what it is all about? At the 10:30 service on the second and third Sundays in November, we are offering an “Instructed Eucharist.” This is a way of explaining what we are doing and why in our great service of Thanksgiving. “Eucharist” is a Greek word for thanksgiving. In this service, we thank God for what he has done for us in Christ, especially for what he achieved on the cross.

On November 11, we will teach through “The Ministry of the Word,” essentially the first part of the service up through The Peace. On November 18, we will instruct through “The Great Thanksgiving” itself, beginning with The Offertory, continuing through the Eucharistic feast, and concluding with the closing prayer, blessing, recessional hymn, and dismissal. We hope you will be with us for these informative and educational services, and pray they will serve to enhance and deepen your understanding and participation in worship.

-Sheryl Heckler Mazzatenta