Office Spring Cleaning

The church offices are undertaking a bit of “spring cleaning” when it comes to our money-handling procedures.

As of January 1st, all reimbursement requests will need to come directly from the chairs of each individual guild. This means that before you run to the store to buy supplies that you believe are needed for a particular guild, you will need to first get the chairperson’s approval. This is done in order to create an extra layer of transparency in the way we manage our finances, as well as help each chairperson keep track of his/her guild’s budget. Therefore, when you fill out our check request form for reimbursement for buying supplies, you will need to confirm in writing on the form that this transaction has been approved by the appropriate chair.

Lastly, just a friendly reminder that all check request forms need to be submitted to the Parish Administrator for final approval. We hope you will understand the need to practice our due diligence in this aspect of our operations.

Thanks all!
Warmly, Jane