Vestry News

Our Vestry last met on Wednesday, July 19th for its monthly meeting. The minutes for the meeting will be filed and available for your review. We did not have a regular meeting in August. However, we did have an unofficial meeting/discussion on August 9th to discuss plans for the fall and the upcoming annual meeting to be held on October 1st.

At the July meeting, we received the financial summary from our Treasurer. While our cash position was down slightly because of the normal summer deficit, it is still healthy. The revised 2017 budget was presented by our Treasurer, Carol, in her exceptionally skilled manner, at the July 23rd congregational meeting. If you were in attendance, you would have seen that we are performing well for this year, but we have identified some trends that are worth further review and that Vestry, in collaboration with the Finance committee, will be considering as we start to review the plans for our 2018 budget. It is certainly worth noting that we had another clean financial audit for 2016. Vestry accepted and approved the 2016 audit.

So by now you are probably aware of this, but for the record, Vestry did approve the use of monies from the music fund to allow the reparations of our beautiful organ to get started this summer. It is our intent to get the repairs completed before we kick off the fall season with our full choir and music programs. We also wanted to be sure we did not lose the availability of the highly skilled craftsman that are conducting the work. We hope that the donations to the Organ Fund will continue as we progress which will allow us to replenish the music funds. So please consider making a donation to this important effort.

You have probably noticed that there remains a fairly large hole in the ground behind Cox Hall. Vestry has approved the use of funds to replace the water supply lines the run from the sanctuary to most of the rest of the campus. There are several steps required in the process, but the end result will be a much safer, cleaner supply of water and lines that can be controlled at each building instead of at only one spot in the system. Unfortunately the repairs will cause a few deep digs in the Bishop’s Garden. We will make the cosmetic repairs after the new pipes are in as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order that the lawn can be returned to normal.

I want to be sure to thank all of our wonderful volunteers who have been keeping things going this summer. We had a great turnout for the Vestry sponsored picnic on the July 26th with many people helping out and bringing dishes to share. We had another successful year supporting the motorcycle rally on Aug 19th that supports Boulder Crest in Bluemont. Many of you contributed dozens of delicious cookies and pastries which the riders all enjoyed while taking a break from their ride. Many thanks to Gina Hammond for keeping the coffee hours supplied with goodies during the summer months. And thanks to all of you for pitching in wherever you have as I’m sure I missed something or someone that should have been recognized specifically.

I think that’s all the space I’m allotted for this month. Please continue to keep Vestry’s efforts in your prayers. We eagerly await Rob’s return so we can discuss this summer’s happenings and our plans for the fall. I’m sure we all look forward hearing of his travels and studies.

In faith,
Jim Gemmer
Senior Warden