Music News

With the departure of both our Parish Administrator and Assistant Rector just before the program year begins and while Rev. Banse is still away, it would seem, there is a bit of uncertainty in the air at Trinity this Fall. Perhaps it is just my longevity, but I’m really not too worried about it. When I start-ed counting, I was surprised to see an interesting coincidence. Since I have been here I have seen five Assistant Rectors, five Christian Education Directors, five Parish Administrators, and five Rectors (counting interims) all come and go. Ok, actually not quite five Rectors since Rob is the fifth and he is thankfully still here. At any rate, with each and every departure we wonder what we are going to do now, but my observation is that we always end up just fine. In fact, there are three things that you can certainly count on regardless of the transition.

The first is that no matter what happens we will still have lovely and meaningful music. I am very pleased to say that almost all of our musicians are returning this year including our renowned organist Richard McPherson, our wonderful Intern Sarah Saul, and four of our five outstanding choir section leaders, Hannah Glass, Justin Price, Michael Forest, and Jason Labrador. New this year will be sopra-no. You probably are still stuck with me as well, the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. (Seriously, I live right next to a big creek). The second thing I am certain you can count on is that God loves you no matter what and the third thing is that anything not covered by music or God, Betsy can take care of until we get it figured out. And like unto these, a new thing I am just learning is that Jane McGee is very cool and is going to be a great Parish Administrator.

So, there you have it. Not much to worry about. Instead, please help us spread the word about our wonderful choirs here at Trinity which will be resuming over the next few weeks. Please consider joining a choir or recommending it to people you know. In this age of technology, there is still no better way to get people involved than word of mouth. So, if you know someone who likes to sing, no matter how great or small, tell them that Trinity Church is the place to be. We will welcome them with open arms, minds and hearts.


Choirs begin
Adult Choir – Any and all adults
Thursday, September 7 at 7:00 (Choir Room, basement of Cox Hall)

Jr. Choir – Age 4 -2nd grade
Wednesday, September 13 at 4:00 (Children’s Choir Room, Basement of office building)

Choristers – Grades 3 and older
Wednesday, September 13 at 4:45 (Children’s Choir Room, Basement of office building)

Handbell Choir – Adults
Tuesday, September 19 at 7:15 (Cox Hall)