S.O.M.E. Just Like Home

A guest at Trinity’s SOME luncheon service in September was overheard exclaiming, “This tastes just like home.”

To hear that our meal is well received is music to our ears and one of the reasons we have carried on this Outreach program for 30 years.

Not only did we manage to feed over 400 men, women and children, we effectively transported about 650 apples to DC so that every diner had a take out fruit snack. A SOME worker also prepared a mound of “to go” bologna and cheese sandwiches to help satisfy evening hunger as breakfast and lunch are the only meals served there, albeit 365 days of the year.

The apples were kindly donated by the Oak Spring Garden Foundation of Upperville and parishioners Tom and Katherine Anderson. We are so appreciative of their generosity. Oak Spring provided Gala apples and the Andersons donated the Red Delicious variety. Several of our volunteers sampled both and found them very tasty.

Tommy Breeden ably loaded the 650 apples as well as all our cases of fish, 8 rice casseroles, desserts, slaw, green beans and cornbread into the van with ease. We still had room for our loyal crew of: Ann MacLeod, Deon Bezaguet, Claude Prozinski, Jim Gemmer, Ken Knapp, Gina Hammond, Carol Miller, Mary MacDonnell and Robin Keys. Maggie New met us in town and joined in serving our guests.

The previous day, we had a small but highly skilled group in the kitchen chopping vegetables for our rice casserole. Among those attending: Holly Bimba, Ellen Hall, Kit Hemion, Robin Keys and Ann Macleod.

Our final SOME service for 2017 will be held November 16, when we cook and November 17, when we serve. Please try and join us as we celebrate the season of Thanksgiving