S.O.M.E (So Others May Eat) 2017 Outreach

Please note that we will be departing the church parking lot promptly at 8 am on Friday, January 20, 2017, one half hour earlier than normal, to head into DC in an effort to overcome any possible inaugural traffic. Please advise Ann MacLeod at 592-3313 if you are riding with us. Please text Robin Keys at 571-271-7721 if your plans change at the last minute. Following the van is discouraged as we may have to deviate from our regular route. Anyone traveling independently is encouraged to consult city transportation advisories in advance.

The 2017 SOME dates are:

  • Thursday and Friday, January 19 and 20

  • Thursday and Friday, March 16 and 17

  • Thursday and Friday, May 18 and 19

  • Thursday and Friday, July 20 and 21

  • Thursday and Friday, September 14 and 15

  • Thursday and Friday, November 16 and 17

As always, we will cook on Thursdays and travel to Washington, DC on Fridays to cook and serve.  Special thanks to the Outreach Committee for supporting our efforts in our 30th year of service at SOME.