Weekend Events Lineup

Picnic areas available. Trappe Hill farm Saturday Only. Heronwood and Rock Hill Saturday and Sunday.

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Banbury Cross Polo Twilight Polo
3pm Sunday

Enjoy these amazing equine athletes compete on Sunday in Middleburg VA.! Hunt Country tickets honored at the gate.


Piedmont Hounds
Trinity Episcopal Church
9am Saturday

Grab a cup of coffee and breakfast from The Country Store and pick up your tickets and tour booklet at the church in Upperville! Our very own Piedmont Foxhounds will be there for you to meet and greet. Join the pack and start the day here learning about the role of hounds in Hunt Country.


Country Fair
Trinity Episcopal Church
10am-5pm Saturday

Check out a variety of vendors at our Country Fair. Featuring local artists in a folk art style fair on the church grounds. An excellent place to bring home a souveniere. 


Heraldic Viewing
Champion Arabian Heraldic Triple Crown long distance race horse and winner of the Tevis cup will be available for view. Learn about his grueling training schedule and race history! http://heraldic.yolasite.com/


Horse Swims at Trappe Hill Farm
Noon & 4pm Saturday
Trappe Hill Farm will present the champion Arabian Heraldic and will show the use of horse swimming as a training method. Watch Heraldic swim in the pond, and view the champion thoroughbred yearlings raised by Bruce and Edie Smart.


Mike Jennings AQH Demonstration
11am & 3pm Saturday
Mike Jennings American Quarter Horse Reining and Ranch Riding Salem Oaks will present Mr. Mike Jennings and his champion ranch horse Dunnit Topsailing for a presentation on the role of the American Quarter Horse in ranch work. Watch quarter horses spin and slide, and experience the expert riding demonstration.


Joe Fargis Olympic Gold Medalist Clinic
Fox Chase Farm
Saturday & Sunday

Joe Fargis Olympic Gold Medalist will hold a clinic at Fox Chase farm. Free audit/observation to ticket holders.


Salamander and Ashland Bassets
1pm Saturday and Sunday
Have you ever seen a Basset pack? Check out the event and learn about Bassets and their role as hounds that are used to hunt on foot in Hunt Country! Ashland Bassets is the oldest basset pack in Virginia and the third oldest recognized basset pack Bassets are scent-hounds used for hunting on foot and tracking, bred to be deliberate, agile, and have great endurance, and are keen pack animals. Basset hounds have been used to hunt all types of game.


Pony Painting at Salem Oaks
10am & 2pm Sunday
Kid friendly event where children paint the pony and then after a selfie opportunity wash the paint from the therapeutic, child loving pony. Such a fun time and the pony loves every minute!


Lazy Lane Farms
Have you ever had the opportunity to meet a real champion? Meet Hansel at Lazy Lane farms. Winner of the Belmont, one of the three Triple Crown thoroughbred races. He is the oldest living horse to have won both the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes!


Pet the Alpacas
Heronwood Farm
Champion Alpacas are members of the camel family but are much smaller than camels and about half the size of their cousin, the llama. They played a central role in the Incan culture and are prized today for their thick coats, whose fibers are as soft as cashmere and warmer, lighter and stronger than wool.


Hay Rides
At the MARE Center! 10:00am and 2:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.