Weekend Events Lineup

Picnic areas available - see brochure or ask Tour volunteers. 

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Ashland Bassets
11am & 1pm Saturday and Sunday
Salamander Equestrian Center

The Ashland Bassets are back! Have you ever seen a Basset pack? Check out the event and learn about Bassets and their role as hounds that are used to hunt on foot in Hunt Country!  Ashland Bassets is the oldest basset pack in Virginia and the third oldest recognized Basset pack. Bassets are scent-hounds used for hunting on foot and tracking, bred to be deliberate, agile, and have great endurance, and are keen pack animals.  Basset hounds have been used to hunt all types of game.

Carriage Driving
10am Saturday
Belle Grey Farm

Learn about the sport of Combined Driving at Belle Grey. Drivers sit atop carriages that include singles pairs and teams of four horses. This event is growing in popularity. Competitions include phases of obstacles, dressage and presentation. Watching teams of drivers and horses is one of the great Stable Tour pleasures!

Equestrian Demonstrations
Belle Grey Farm
Saturday - 12noon, 2pm, 4pm
Sunday - 10am, 2pm, 4pm
Saturday & Sunday - 10am, 2pm

Fox Chase

The Hunt Country Stable Tour has several farms offering a variety of equestrian demonstrations for your enjoyment this year. If you have ever wanted to know more about Show Jumpers or Show Hunters our demonstrations will be spread throughout the tour with commentary and exhibition by world class riders and experts. Belle Grey is even offering a side saddle demonstration and explanation! Look for Fox View, Belle Grey, and Fox Chase as farms of interest on our schedule to see these amazing horses and riders!

9am Saturday
Trinity Episcopal Church
Trinity Episcopal Church will host our very own Piedmont Hunt Foxhounds in the Bishop's Garden. Talk to the hunt master and mingle with these friendly four footed friends. Don't forget to take a selfie with your favorite hound!

Horse Swimming
11am & 3pm Saturday
Trappe Hill Farm
Have you ever seen a horse swim? Come and see Trappe Hill Farm's demonstration of the way they condition their young thoroughbred horses as they prepare to compete or go to sale. This scenic farm is a Hunt Country Stable Tour tradition. Picnic by the pond and enjoy the beauty of this farm owned by Bruce and Edie Smart.

Paul Mellon Virginia Equestrian Exhibition
10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday
National Sporting Library

Our tour is offering historical connections to the Mellon legacy this year with several of our farms part of his magnificent estate. Do not miss the Virginia Equestrian Collection on exhibit at the Sporting Library in downtown Middleburg! Hunt Country Stable Tour tickets will get you in free of charge!

3pm Sunday
Banbury Cross Polo
We love Polo here in Hunt Country! It is the perfect thing to do at the end of a Hunt Country weekend. Stop by the Banbury Polo Club on Sunday and watch the match! Learn about chuckers and divots. They may be called ponies, but these equine athletes are a study in strength and speed! You get in absolutely free on Sunday with your Hunt Country Stable Tour ticket.

Thoroughbred Horse Racing
7am - 12noon Saturday
iddleburg Equestrian Center

Have you ever seen a thoroughbred train on the racetrack? Stand rail side and bring your stop watch! Watch jockeys and trainers in their home environment as horses are put through their early morning workouts. Yes. Some of the greats have run on this track, and they all started like these young horses. Don't forget your cup of coffee!

Woodworking Tree to Furniture
9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm Saturday & Sunday
Belle Grey Farm
Perhaps someone in the crowd is more interested in building than riding? Come see a sawmill demonstration and visit a state of the art 3-D wood printing workshop.  Planet friendly practices, like wood working using reclaimed wood; solar kiln drying are all used at Belle Grey in order to produce signs, furniture, and horse jumps. Come see how it is all done from tree to product! Be sure to sign up for the wood shop early. Participation will be limited to twelve applicants per demonstration.