Though Trappe Hill was our first stop, I already wanted to stake a claim to one of the lawn chairs in the shade of a willow tree beside the pond and spend the afternoon in this calming environment. It’s being on an idyllic farm like Trappe Hill that made my friends and I want to leave the city behind!
— Practical Horseman Magazine

The goal is to create a community event to highlight the scenic life of the Hunt Country experience, but the result is the development of a relationship between farm owners, managers and employees with the community that surrounds them.

The Hunt Country Stable Tour is the primary fund-raiser for Trinity Outreach and the tour generates over 50,000.00 for the greater good annually. Proceeds provide financial support to organizations that enhance and enrich the lives of people in need. Included missions are SOME supporting the homeless in D.C, Piedmont Childcare, and Helping Haitians.