Episcopal General Convention

I want to make you aware of a very important gathering in the life of our Episcopal Church. General Convention meets every three years to consider resolutions and make important decisions on behalf of our denomination. The convention is comprised of two houses. The House of Bishops is, as the name suggests, comprised of all the bishops of our church. The House of Deputies includes four clergy and four laypeople from every diocese of the Episcopal Church.  

This year’s gathering begins July 5th in Austin, Texas. I commend to you a website entitled “Center Aisle”. The Diocese of Virginia created this site several conventions ago. It is an excellent source of information as to what is going on at the meeting. It offers these reports in the spirit of the “Via Media”, that is, “the middle way”, the vantage point from which the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion have historically sought to understand both theology and the life/practice of our tradition. Please keep our bishops and delegates in your prayers as they gather for this very important moment of discernment.  

May God watch over all of us during this summer season.    

Faithfully in Christ,
The Rev. Rob Banse