Stewardship Progress Report

According to Wikipedia, Stewardship is a theological belief that humans are responsible for the world and should take care of it. “In the Christian tradition stewardship refers to the way time, talents and material possessions or wealth are used or given for the service of God.” Each of us must determine how stewardship is best reflected in our own life.

At this time of the year, Trinity’s Vestry is focused on financial stewardship as we look ahead to managing the physical plant and employing the people that make Trinity “possible” for its parishioners and others who rely on or benefit from its presence in the community.

This does not mean that time and talent aren’t important for they provide the human context that dollars alone can lack. In future issues of Genesis I’ll give some examples of my own experience with non-financial stewardship as well as examples from other parishioners that I hope will provide a context and rationale for our current monetary focus.


In the meantime, If you haven’t submitted your pledge for 2019, please take a few minutes to do it today. You can fill it out online at by clicking on HERE, or fill out a pledge card located in the back of the church or in the church office. The more information we have the better we can budget for the future needs and ministries of Trinity.

Thank you
Hurst Groves