Vestry Notes

I hope that you and your family have had a refreshing summer.  As it neared its end we received important news for our church from our Rector.   

While we are saddened by Rob’s announced departure we know that he has sought God’s guidance as to what is best for Trinity and  his own ministry.  

Rob Banse has been a source of strength for Trinity for more than eleven years and the congregation has benefited immeasurably from his steady leadership.  He has challenged us to live out the Gospel in word and deed.  Trinity like all communities of faith has its challenges but remains a vibrant church committed to displaying the love of Christ to one another and to our broader community. Times of transition always require us to rely on our faith and this will be no exception.  Vestry will be meeting very soon to discuss our path forward.  We have been been in touch with the Diocese to acquire their guidance and assistance and will meet with a representative of the Diocese at our next meeting.    

We continue to be thankful for Rob and his compassionate and strong ministry to Trinity over the past eleven years and wish God’s continued blessing on Rob and his Family as he continues to serve Christ.  

Matt Blunt