Stewardship Updates

April is the month of renewal and hope. We begin it by pausing to honor the sacrifice and resurrection of our

Lord. As part of that Celebration, your Stewardship Committee wishes to report that 2018 pledges now total

$588,367.00. This meets our most ambitious expectations and we thank the 156 pledging parishioners for their historic commitment. The best news is that we have yet to hear from some of our 2017 pledgers. If they could simply renew at last year’s level, we would conclude this pledge season with over $620,000, which would advance our goal of strengthening Trinity Church’s financial position and set the stage for meeting the major financial obligations facing the congregation down the road.

In my last letter sent directly to many of our Genesis readers from whom we have not heard this year, we asked that you please complete a short survey so that, pledging aside, the Church and Father Banse can better understand whether you think the Church is doing all it can to help and serve you and the Lord. We ask again, please respond so that Trinity can remain your “home” during this year of change and uncertainty.

Many blessings of the Easter season,
Jim Hoecker
2018 Stewardship Chair