Pledge Campaign Update

February generally signals the conclusion, or a serious winding down, of Trinity’s annual “campaign” for pledge commitments that will see our Church through the year. Two observations. First, I am pleased to inform our parishioners that we have received 146 pledges, totaling $577,667. This includes 21 new pledges (families who did not pledge last year) and 33 others that increased their pledge from last year! We clearly have a solid core of Trinity members and disciples. For that I thank you most sincerely. Second, I regret that we have a number of families that pledged in 2017 but from whom we have not received a 2018 pledge. I am confident that, circumstances permitting, we will be hearing from you soon. To those parishioners and to the much larger number of members with connections to Trinity who have not contributed to our mission and activities in recent times, remember that a pledge in any amount, large or small, will signal to the Church that you are still part of our community and a disciple of the Lord. Because we want to know more about the perspectives and circumstances of those we lost touch with during the last pledge year, and to be of service to you any way we can, we will be in touch through the mails with a brief questionnaire. Father Banse and the Vestry are here for you if you wish to talk further about your relationship to Trinity Church. 

In sum, even as traditional pledge season is concluding, it is readily apparent that Trinity Church has financial needs that we must seek to meet in other ways. Last Sunday, the congregation heard an impressive presentation about our finances from our Treasurer Carol Miller. The news is very positive. However, like many churches and other institutions, Trinity Church must work and innovate to meet its obligations and the needs of its parishioners and missions. In that light, we cannot confine our offerings of support or discipleship to one part of the year or our planning efforts to any single year. Trinity depends on your faithful participation and support in all seasons.