Stewardship Progress Report

As of November 25, Trinity received 2019 pledges from about one-third of the congregation, total-ing $313,000. Our 2019 goal is $675,000 to cover slightly more than half of our personnel and other operating costs. We have some distance to go, fellow parishioners.

Have you made your pledge to Trinity for 2019?

This is a time of transition here at Trinity Church as well as in the nation and the world. At Trinity, we know that – like a rock – you are always there to provide help and support. Steadfast support for Trinity is an example for others and a material representation of your affection for the Lord and for our community. As a Steward of Trinity, you are helping manage and protect that which belongs to God. We hope you agree that we are Stewards of the lives we are given, stewards of this church, the outdoor chapel, stewards of the environment, and much more. These are God’s gifts on loan to us. We each must decide how to re-pay that loan. Growing in our spiritual lives means, in part, growing in our lives as stewards of Trinity Church, one of God’s many gifts.

Please consider sending in a pledge card before the end of December if you haven’t already done so. Consult your financial advisor to find out how a contribution to Trinity can work to your benefit. If you need a pledge card, please call the Church office.

If you have not fulfilled your pledge for 2018, we hope you can do so promptly.

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