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Each year we see it at the Christmas Pageant hanging from a glorified fishing pole with a crew of 4-foot-tall kings following it down the aisle. Twelve days later it takes its place in the pulpit as the central symbol of Epiphany. Ours is a little bit raggedy but the star is much more than just the guiding light of the monarchs of Lilliput, it is a symbol of the Son of God.

Jesus is the Light of the World, bringing light to the darkness, showing us the way to our God who we have not understood without him. The Old Testament records centuries of the tribes of Israel fumbling with God. The many books often describe a God in the only terms their primitive culture could understand; one of many rules and judgment, and belonging only to them. They were people who walked in darkness. The birth of Jesus changed all of that. God came to us in human form and dwelt among us to bring us enlightenment; to show us that he is a loving God of all creation and that his is the way of peace.

It is easy and safe to cling to the darkness and tempting to believe that its ways are righteous. The loving path of Jesus can seem counterintuitive at times. Part of why the church exists is to remind us of the way of Light. In this Epiphany season the music of the church will be filled with symbols of the Light of Christ. I hope that they may be a reminder and source of inspiration. As Jesus is shown to the Gentiles our God is recognized as universal. In this light our divisions seem petty. Let us choose love over hate, peace over war, unity over division, and light over darkness. God has sent his Son to all of us. Both great and small, no matter how tall, he will show us the way.

- Christian

January is a great time to join a choir. We start all new music after Christmas and will welcome any new members.