Vestry News July 2017

Our Vestry met on Wednesday, June 21 for its monthly meeting. The minutes for the meeting will be filed and will be available for your review. Being the first of our meetings with Rob on sabbatical, we were happy to have Rachel with us as our spiritual leader in his stead.

As usual, financial reports were first on the agenda. We are still looking good with year to date pledge income remaining ahead of budget for the year. Thanks to all of you for your faithful dedication to keeping your pledge of support current. We are still finalizing the Stable Tour finances, but we are confident that with a current net income of $59,232, the ending income will be well over our budgeted goal of $50,000. The tremendous effort put forth by our Chair, Kat Gemmer, our faithful congregation, the generous farm owners and all of our volunteer friends and families is heartwarming. Trinity is able to support many great causes with all of the money raised from Stable Tour going to Outreach. We will soon start the planning for next year- the 59th in a row of successful Hunt Country Stable Tours.

Finance Committee presented a revised 2017 budget with several modifications. Vestry approved a budget with an operating deficit at the beginning of the year with the understanding that this would be resolved in the mid-year adjustment. The Finance Committee reviewed the 2017 Mid-Year Budget prepared by the Treasurer and recommended Vestry approve it. With the revised budget, we will end the year with a very small $810 surplus, so the Treasurer and Finance Committee will continue to monitor income and expenses closely. The complete adjusted budget will be available as part of the minutes from the June Vestry meeting which are posted in Cox Hall for all to see. The budget will be presented for all interested at our July congregational meeting.

Outreach committee reports that they continue to keep us on track to support the local, regional and international causes that have been through their vetting process. Vestry approved the committee’s recommendation for distributions to Piedmont Child Care Center, SOME, ESL, Churches of Upperville, Mobile Hope Loudon, and Kairos Ministry to name a few. The Committee will use remaining funds to provide support to organizations that make a meaningful and direct impact on our local community. Rather than just “sending a check”, Outreach support will include an opportunity for volunteer support and participation by Trinity members. The Committee will also consider national and/or international organizations when we can directly see and measure the results of the donation. As we prepare for 2018, we will be looking at other significant outreach opportunities.

Our Building and Grounds (B&G) committee reported Repairs and Maintenance expenditures through June 16, 2017 were $9,227.12 - mostly for badly needed Cox Hall kitchen electrical repairs. Recent Capital Expenditures included a new AC unit and installation for the Cottage next to Keith House. B&G expenditures through June 16, 2017 include the new lawn service contract that we paid in advance (for the year) to capture cost savings. Also of note, we changed garbage services to Valley Waste which significantly lowered our recurring costs while providing a measurable increase in customer service and reliability.

We are very pleased to report that we have an outstanding slate of candidates for the upcoming Vestry elections. Voting will take place at our annual meeting on October 1 - same as it did last year, so please plan on attending that meeting to cast your votes. The nominees are members in good standing who have all been active participants in the life and development of Trinity. I expect it won’t be easy to choose only four.

Ok- I think that’s it for now… Oops, wait- don’t forget to come out to the Vestry sponsored cookout on the July 26… it will be another good time to be had by all! Thank you for your prayers, participation and encouragement.

Jim Gemmer