Did You Know?

Last month we wrote about guilds, the work their members have done at Trinity and particularly the work of the Mary D. Neville Guild.

This month we focus on one more defunct guild and two who perform a great deal of work every Sunday at Trinity. In the early years at Trinity, the Needlepoint Guild performed the yeoman’s task of doing all the needlepoint for the fabric of the church in both the second building and this current building. Much of this work was spearheaded by Mrs. Colin MacLeod, Ann MacLeod’s mother-in-law, who was a master at her craft. While the term Guild is no longer used for this work at Trinity, often we have volunteers come forward to undertake a specific needlepoint project.

Two important guilds who add immensely to our worship are the Altar Guild and the Flower Guild. At one time, this work was combined simply as the Altar Guild but as the work requirements escalated, the division of labors was made.

For all services, the Altar Guild is responsible for the preparation of the altar especially for the Eucharist and this includes the cleaning and storing of all the altar silver; the cleaning, storing and changing of the altar coverings; maintenance of the candles and any other jobs at the request of the celebrant.

The Flower Guild is responsible for the flowers on the altars. This includes cutting local flowers, when available, ordering supplemental flowers, creating the magnificent flower arrangements that adorn the altars and other parts of the church each week (except during Lent) and removing those flowers after the weekend. This guild also is responsible for church decorations for all weddings, funerals and special services. Trinity has a longstanding tradition of not allowing florist arrangements in the church.

Next month: What is Meade Parish?