Vestry Notes March 2017

Our Vestry met on Wednesday, February 15 for its monthly meeting. The minutes for the meeting will be filed and available for your review.

We received the Treasurer’s reports, as usual, and I suppose it’s a good thing that there is nothing unusual to report. The 2017 budget has been recorded in our accounting system and we are tracking with this plan. Since the beginning of 2017 we have received 7 new pledges, thanks be to God, which brings our count to 158 for a total of $567,549. That puts us at about an 83% participation rate. As I often say- it’s never too late to submit your pledge for the year and Vestry remains committed to full participation. We will continue to encourage each other in this endeavor and we ask that you do the same. Your presence, participation and pledge are the foundations on which we will continue to build Trinity Upperville through the year and helps us to ensure we can support the missions, programs and goals that we have set for 2017. 

Speaking of goals- as we have reported to the congregation, Vestry continues to discuss ways that we can use the four priorities we have set for 2017 (encourage our Stewardship, enhance our Christian Education, grow and strengthen our Congregation and expand our Outreach) to make Trinity a force for the betterment of our church, our community and our world. We seek to build up new leadership that can help us sustain our efforts to increase our inward and outward presence and to become a place where current and new members can come to listen to and learn about the opportunity and responsibility to participate in God’s will for our lives. You will be hearing more from Vestry as we develop our plans for this year that will further our intent to support the Faith, Place and Mission of Trinity Church. We hope and pray that you join us. As it has been in the past, our key to success will be our engagement. We encourage all of you to engage with us. Let us know what is going well and tell us what can be improved. It is only together and with God’s blessing that we will succeed.

A bit more business of the Vestry is worth noting this month:

The Buildings and Grounds committee has been working diligently to get the nursery back up and operating. Updates to flooring, electrical, plumbing, windows, furniture and a new coat of paint inside are ongoing and will ensure that we can continue to offer this important service in a safe and secure environment. The nursery building is also used to support various other ministries of Trinity. If you have time, please walk over and check out the improvements.

We were pleased to hear that the Art Show reported income from sales of about $1500. It was a delightful event that showcased the amazing talents of our members and friends. Thanks to all of you who attended and especially to those who made a purchase.

We received reports from all committees. I want to give a special thank you to Parish Life, Worship and Ambassadors. The often behind the scenes work that these committees do to support Trinity is remarkable. Please let them know you appreciate their efforts when you get a chance to do so.

I want to use a bit of space to encourage you all to support and engage with our 2017 Stable Tour. There will likely be another whole section in the Genesis, but this is a big and important event that will take all of us to be successful and supports our significant Outreach ministry. Please let Kat Gemmer, our 2017 Chair, know if you can help.

Thanks to all of you for your prayers, input and support!