Advent Study Series

Dear Friends,

Advent is a season dedicated to a fuller appreciation of the call we share to live Christ-centered lives. In order to establish time in our busy calendars to focus on the real reason for this season, I invite you to join us for a series of discussions on Wednesday evenings November 30th, December 7th, and 14th. We will gather here at the church for a simple supper at 6:00pm. The program will last for about an hour. We will conclude the evening with the brief night prayer service known as Compline.

We will make use of guidelines for the season suggested by a group that calls itself "The Advent Conspiracy":

Worship Fully: On Wednesday, November 30th, we will discuss the meaning of "Worshipping fully". We will take a quick tour of the great resources we have in the Book of Common Prayer and Hymnal. We will discuss the central place of the Holy Eucharist in our worship on Sunday mornings. We will also explore the opportunities offered to help us pray daily as well as make use of the Advent Wreath in our homes throughout the season.

Spend Less/Give More: Our discussion on December 7th will focus on the fallacy that, in spending more, we will find greater happiness and peace. Much has been written about the joys of living life simply, and that it is indeed in living simply that real spiritual, emotional, and physical health are to be found. Furthermore, when we are set free from our addiction to spending, we discover our true nature in the joy of giving for the sake of the world around us.

Love All: Our final program on December 14th will focus both on John 3:16 and Jesus' summary of the Law. What did Jesus mean when he taught his disciples that we are to love God with all that we are and all that we have? What does it truly mean to love our neighbors as ourselves? How do we learn to do this more and more? How do we put our love for God and our neighbors into practice?

I will look forward to these discussions and making this journey through Advent with you.

Faithfully in Christ,

Rev. Rob Banse