Participation in the stable tour is a community experience that begins as early as January, as gracious farm owners agree to showcase their properties for the upcoming tour in the spring. Equine attractions and events are planned, and a calendar of collaborative preparation is created.


The goal is to create a community event to highlight the scenic life of the Hunt Country experience, bringing us all together in the process of setting up the events for this awe inspiring tour of farms.

Perhaps the most important aspect of The Hunt Country Stable Tour is the Outreach tradition by Trinity Episcopal Church. The same local tradition that built this historic church led to the Hunt Country Stable Tour and its commitment to ensure that funds raised by the stables and church volunteers are designated to outreach both in the local community and to areas of great need in world crisis causes. 

The weekend ends with a Hunt Country Stable Tour dinner at Trinity Episcopal Church where Outreach funding totals will be announced and all farms are honored and thanked for their selfless dedication of time and resources to benefit the Stable Tour tradition. 

Interested in participating?

Call our office or email our Stable Tour Chair, Kathryn Gemmer.