Featured Farms for 2018

You'll find a list of our participating farms by alphabetic order below.


Atoka Farm


The Atoka Farm has a very rich history. It was once named Houge Farm then the Lake Family bought it and named it Lake Farm. The Atoka Farm name was given to it by Virginia State Senator John Warner. He was once the son in law of the late Paul Mellon. The architecture and solid construction on the farm is influenced by Mr Mellon but the stable design was of John Warner. 

Has many know John was married to Elizabeth Taylor and Atoka was their residence during their marriage. Many political parties were hosted on Atoka Farm. It is also note worthy that at this time the land that is now Poplar Grange across the Street belong to John Warner. During his time in the Senate he was good friends with President Ronald Reagan and the two would often trail ride together on the farms. 

John sold the property to a local family that kept Atoka Farm for about 30 years until the current owner Michael Smith purchased in May 2016. The property has now been put into a conservation easement and since 50 acres and the Main Stone house have been sold. The farm now consist of 300 acres! The farm is used for retired fox hunters and Show horses. The horse in training are at Poplar Grange which has been on the tour in recent years. 

We hope you enjoy the remodeled barn that keeps the Mellon feel to it. It has been a pleasure restoring this historic barn and giving it purpose again


Belle Grey Farm

Belle Grey Farm embraces the diverse mix of horse disciplines that thrive in Virginia’s Hunt Country and our furniture and jumps can been seen throughout many farms in our local community. Planet friendly practices, like wood working using reclaimed wood; solar kiln drying; use of straw as bedding; and an organic fruit and vegetable garden for the residents of Belle Grey; create a family atmosphere that builds a strong community and home. 

The farm hosts riders who actively participate in the more traditional heritage sports of Fox Hunting, Side Saddle and Carriage Driving to the popular and growing sports of Show Hunters, Show Jumpers and Dressage. Their goal is to provide a vibrant environment for horses and their riders to come together in partnership and sport.

Belle Grey teams represent the United States, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, and Australia in Combined Driving at World Championships for Singles, Pairs, Four-in-Hand, and World Cup Driving;  and as well as the US Show Jumping team at multiple Nations Cups, Pan Am Games, and they are short listed for the Olympics.

The facility is proud to offer Kim Prince, LLC as the resident Hunter Jumper trainer at Belle Grey Farm. Having been on over 20 Nations Cup Teams representing the United States, she, with her professional staff, are the ultimate in training, coaching, and development to horses and their riders.

Joining Belle Grey for this weekend are partners in the community and horse sports- Sprout Theraputic Riding Center from Aldie, VA and Cavalor representing the farm's equine nutrition program

Fox Chase Farm

Fox Chase.png

Fox Chase Farm is one of the most famous landmarks on Route 50 in the Middleburg area and is most recognizable by its acre-large outdoor riding arena. The farm is home to many horses and hosts competition events throughout the year. Many interesting people have entered through the farm gates in its 70-plus years, including the media. It has been featured in a few reality TV shows for TLC, been on CBS’s The Amazing Race and was featured on NBC’s Today Show. A riding prodigy called the farm home in the 1960s. His name was Benedict (Benny) O’Meara and the farm was called Colony Farms. Many Olympians and horse trainers who visit the farm often remember him.

In 2000, the Hanley family purchased the farm and in addition to hosting top quality horse shows, the facilities are used year-round for corporate events, team building, weddings, charities, dinners, etc. Fox Chase is featuring their brand new event barn this year!

Foxview Farm


Foxview Farm is a serene 30 acre farm and home to Joe and Laura Cramer. The stable is believed to be at least 70 years old. Purchased in 1999, the Cramers renovated a shabby run-down Quonset hut into the practical working stable of today. Currently, the Cramers are campaigning two young horses that are the pride and joy of Foxview. St Tropez and Easy Money. 

The Cramers invite visitors to also see the other farm residents such as the herd of Irish Dextor Cattle (the smallest European breed), and the chickens. Tour visitors are also invited to stroll through the orchard and sit by the pond and enjoy the beautiful swans that call Foxview their home.

Middleburg Agriculture and Research Center (M.A.R.E.)

This equestrian research center is located in the heart of Virginia's Horse Country and was originally donated by Mr.  Paul Mellon. It was created and then designed by Blackburn Architects and is run by Virginia Tech. The center fosters research aimed at improving pasture and animal productivity. It has served the equine community since 1992. This center is a national leader in the field of equine science and medicine. Operated by Virginia Tech, the center specializes in pasture management and strong educational programs.

MARE Center.jpg

Middleburg Equestrian Center

Middleburg Equestrian Center.jpg

Affectionately called "the training track" by locals, this equestrian center is in the process of new renovations! It is a Hunt Country Stable Tour tradition to stop by early Saturday morning to see Thoroughbred horses condition and train on the race track. The track was built in 1956 by Mr. Paul Mellon. Horses begin their racing career here as yearlings, before training to compete in local and national races. Spectacular Bid, winner of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness trained here. In 2017, Chuck Kuhn, founder of North America’s largest independent moving and storage company, JK Moving Services, purchased the training center race track, barns, and stables,  and is committed to revitalizing it to its once elite status.

The training center will be placed in conservation easement, limiting the use of the land to preserve the site for current and future generations of Loudoun County’s equine community.

National Sporting Library


Founded in 1954, the National Sporting Library & Museum (NSLM) offers an inviting, 6-acre campus, world-class research Library, and fine art Museum highlight the rich heritage and tradition of country pursuits. Angling, horsemanship, shooting, steeple chasing, foxhunting, flat racing, polo, coaching, and wildlife are among the subjects one can explore in the facility. The NSLM offers a wide variety of educational programs, exhibitions, and family activities throughout the year.  During the tour, the museum with feature the Paul Mellon Virginia Equestrian Art Collection.

Oak Spring

Oak Spring.jpg

Paul Mellon's Hunter Jumper Barn and one of his Yearling Barns are featured on this scenic portion of Upperville's Hunt Country known as the Mellon Estate. The equestrian barn contains a courtyard and is the original site of the Mellon's vegetable gardens. The yearling barn is housed next to it, and both barns offer views of the famous Broodmare barn where the statue of Mill Reef once stood. The Brick house is on the right as you make your way up the beautiful drive into the stables. 

Oak Spring Garden Foundation

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 1.47.10 PM.png

For many years, Paul Mellon’s Broodmare Barn was a highlight of the Hunt Country Stable Tour. Mr. Mellon knew that the iconic barn wouldn’t house his horses forever, but wished for it to live beyond the years of Rokeby Stables as a center for education.

In the spring of 2017, his wish became a reality when renovations were completed on the barn, converting its interior into accommodation and meeting space for scholars, artists, and educators visiting the Oak Spring Garden Foundation (OSGF), while preserving its distinctive character as a barn. 

OSGF was founded in 1993 by Rachel “Bunny” Lambert Mellon and encompasses 700 acres of the Mellon’s beautiful Oak Spring estate, including their home, gardens, library and Broodmare Barn. The Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and facilitating scholarship and public dialogue on the history and future of plants, including the culture of gardens and landscapes and the importance of plants for human well-being.

Through OSGF, the gifts of Paul and Bunny Mellon continue to benefit the public by advancing interests relating the natural world and outdoors that the Mellons cherished and respected so deeply.

Salamander Equestrian Center

Salmander Equestrian Center.jpg

Set on 340 acres in the heart of Middleburg, and originally the Harriman Estate, Salamander Resort & Spa is designed to blend into its natural environment. The resort features 168 luxurious rooms and suites, a 23,000 square foot lavish spa, a full-service equestrian center, Virginia Piedmont-inspired dining, a dedicated cooking studio, wine bar and a unique array of conference and banquet facilities.  The Equestrian Center is comprised of a 22-stall stable, a 120 x 240 outdoor area with Thor-Turf footing, miles of trails and nine turnout paddocks.  There is also a multi-purpose room for meetings and dining events.  The equestrian center offers unique programming to appeal to all levels, interests and ages of aspiring equestrians.  Resort Owner Sheila C. Johnson has created an environmentally sensitive destination by placing a majority of the resort’s acreage into a conservation easement, and registering to become one of the first luxury destination resorts in the United States to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Trappe Hill

Trappe Hill.png

Trappe Hill Farm is a conservation easement of 550 acres of field and forest bordering the Blue Ridge mountains. The owners, Bruce and Edie Smart, raise thoroughbreds for sale and racing, and they provide retirement homes to race horses. Property manager Jeff Crandall keeps Arabian horses on the property that compete in long distance racing. The family owned distance racing champion Heraldic always visits for the Stable Tour.  The farm always demonstrates swimming of horses in the pond during the day of the tour.