Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I start the tour? 
Trinity Episcopal Church on the John Mosby Hwy in Upperville is the logical place to start, particularly if you have never been on the tour. Since the tour began, church members have talked to the public about best routes, and favorite places to visit. They have short cuts, helpful tips, and places to see. If you come at 9am on Saturday you also get a selfie moment and a cup of coffee with the Piedmont Hounds! But remember. You can start the tour at any stop. Stewards will check you in and help you plan your day!

Can I buy tickets the day of the tour?
Yes. You can purchase tickets at any stop. The only card machine for digital ticket sales however is at Trinity Church. Cash or check is accepted at all stops.

What should I wear?
It is usually a very warm sunny day. Visitors wear hats and shorts and skirt and casual shoes. Our barns are pristine and clean. No mud or boots are in sight!  

Is my ticket good for both days?

Is the ticket for a car load or per person?
It is per person. We will have group rates for 10 or more. Remember, children under 12 are free.

Who benefits from the money raised by the tour?
All funds raised by the stable tour are guaranteed to go directly to outreach. Our outreach committee at Trinity uses this money to support the greater good both in local, regional and world causes. 

Can I bring my dog?
No, unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the tour.

Where should I eat lunch?
We recommend a picnic. Heronwood, Rock Hill and Trappe Hill (Saturday only) are favorite sites and encourage picnics by their ponds and views.

Our recommendation is to pre-order a box lunch from The Country Store either online or at the church Saturday and Sunday morning.

The Upperville Baptist Church offers a Drive Through Hot Dog Lunch. No need to pre-order! Drive through and have a hot dog picnic at our farms!

We also recommend calling ahead and ordering picnics from: