Ambassadors & Shepherds

Our goal with this ministry is for all newcomers to remember their first visit with joy and for those who cannot attend services or church activities to still feel connected.

Ambassadors welcome newcomers to Trinity and help them feel connected to our church, ministries and congregation. We also want to watch over current members who may be sick or unable to attend church and be there for them as our Shepherds will do.

Every Sunday, Ambassadors will be available to welcome visitors and newcomers and answer any questions they may have about Trinity. The “ASK ME” button that they wear identify them as Ambassadors. In addition, they collect any visitor cards that were completed during the service and make sure it gets to the parish administrator for follow-up. Finally, Ambassadors guide people to coffee hour and engage those that attend to, again, make them feel welcome and connected.

The Shepherds keep up with current church members, particularly those that have been unable to attend church functions either due to illness or transportation concerns. Shepherds also follow up with members who have not attended in a while to identify how Trinity can meet the needs they have that have kept them from our church community. Finally, once a newcomer has become a member of Trinity, Shepherds assist them with staying connected to the church body.